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Sensory Bags for First Responders

Helping our First Responders help others.

NWFXA puts together bags containing sensory items that may help calm or reassure a person with special needs during their contact with fire fighters and police officers.  Interactions with first responders can be overwhelming and frightening to those with special needs that may not understand what is going on or become overstimulated by the activity, noise, and uncertainty of a situation.

These bags are donated to local fire and police stations for first responders to keep in their vehicles.  Bags include items such as:

  • Stress balls

  • Fidget toys

  • Noise-cancelling ear protection

  • Small stuffed animals

  • Play doh

  • Basic communication boards

NWFXA is always looking for donations of items to fill the bags, as well as bags to store the items.  You can contact us at or check out our Amazon wish list here.

If you would like to request sensory bags for your local first responders, please contact us at  We will work with you and your local first responders to deliver sensory bags as they become available (this is dependent on donations and available NWFXA resources).